About MtSocks

MtSocks… sound familiar? A play on the name MtGox - one of the world’s most iconic (but now defunct) Bitcoin exchanges - MtSocks is the one-stop sock shop for Bitcoin enthusiasts.

The brainchild of the team at CoinCorner (one of the world’s oldest Bitcoin exchanges), MtSocks was brought to life as a new, fun way to teach people about Bitcoin and its intriguing story.

We have 2 goals:

  • To educate everyone about Bitcoin’s history
  • To show how Bitcoin can be used in real life

Each design has been inspired by happenings within the Bitcoin industry, comes with an interesting explanation and can be proven to be the real deal with a quick “Proof of Sock” check.

What Makes Our Socks So Special?

Bitcoin Education

Every pair of socks comes with an information card that will teach you something amazing about the design’s history within the Bitcoin industry. Don’t forget to share your new knowledge with friends and family!

Proof of Sock

With education in mind, we decided to show off one of Bitcoin’s often overlooked, but incredible features: signing a message with your private key to prove you own a Bitcoin address. We’ve included a unique signature with our socks to prove that each pair you buy has been sold exclusively by MtSocks.

Buy With Bitcoin

We believe in Bitcoin as the future of payments, so we’re asking you to help build this future by paying with Bitcoin only.

Finite Supply

One of the qualities that makes Bitcoin so desirable is its finite supply and we thought it would be cool to bring this detail into MtSocks. We release a new design on the 1st day of every month but like Bitcoin, the supply is limited, so once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Supporting Bitcoin Core Foundation

We donate 5% of all sock profits to the Bitcoin Core development team. Without the dedicated individuals who work on the Bitcoin Core software (testing, developing and maintaining etc.), Bitcoin would not be the global phenomenon it is today.

You can find out more about the Bitcoin Core Project here.