The Team Behind MtSocks

Danny Scott


Danny’s sock obsession began as a child when his hero, The Rock, launched a partnership with Mankind to create The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection! Since then his obsession with both has stayed strong to this day. Danny’s a software developer by trade and the man at the heel of MtSocks. Being involved in the Bitcoin industry for the last 7 years, he has experience in Bitcoin development, mining and co-founding of Bitcoin exchange CoinCorner.

Zakk Lakin

Tech Lead

Zakk is your typical rock star dev and well known for wearing a crazy sock or two with his Dr. Martens. His heavy duty Dr. Martens were a good test bed for our socks and luckily they passed the tests! He's a Bitcoin Core Developer, technical lead at CoinCorner and an all round chill guy.

Matt Ward


A typical day for our techie, Matt, starts with waking up, putting on a pair of socks and going to his software development job at CoinCorner. After a 6 shot cup of coffee, Matt writes a few lines of code to keep MtSocks running before heading right back to the coffee machine.

Louis Porter


Long time sock wearer, first time sock designer! Gradually moving from crayons to Adobe CC, Louis is responsible for all of the graphical needs at CoinCorner and when asked to help with MtSocks he definitely didn't get cold feet taking each sock one step at a time.

Molly Spiers


Molly is well known for her ankle sock or no sock approach inside the office. Having previously worked as a marketing expert in the travel industry she knows a thing or two about comfy socks for those long journeys. A Bitcoin industry veteran with almost 5 years under her belt, she is perfectly positioned to help educate on socks and Bitcoin!

Joanne Goldy


Guilty of owning (and wearing 😲) ankle socks, Joanne’s part of the marketing crew at CoinCorner and is known for kicking off her shoes to walk around the office in socks each day. Fueled by good grammar and chocolate, Joanne helps to get MtSocks’ name out into the big wide world.

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