Bitcoin Not Blockchain


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Product Details
  • Colours: Black, white and orange
  • Mid-length crew socks
  • Ribbed ankle cuffs
  • Size: UK 7-12 (unisex)
About the Sock

Bitcoin Not Blockchain is a term coined by experts in the industry who have become tired of hearing people say, “I don’t like Bitcoin, but I like the blockchain technology behind it”. In reality this means, “I don’t understand any of this enough, so I’m going to repeat what I heard some other guy say”.

With the Bitcoin Not Blockchain sock, we aim to help educate the general public that blockchain isn’t the be and end all. Over the last year or so, Blockchain has gained a reputation for being something more than a database - aka, the answer to everything - and we’re working hard to teach people that this is simply not true. Sorry if we’re dashing your dreams, but Bitcoin is actually the revolution!

Wear your Bitcoin Not Blockchain socks with great pride and know that you’re part of the minority who understand that blockchain really ain’t all that. Bitcoin is the powerful one.

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