Death of Bitcoin

Image of Death of Bitcoin sock
Image of Death of Bitcoin sock
Image of Death of Bitcoin sock
Image of Death of Bitcoin sock

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  • Colours: Black, Green, Grey
  • Mid-length crew socks
  • Ribbed ankle cuffs
  • Size: UK 7-12 (unisex)
About the Sock

Original Collection:


Born: 2009

Died: More than 380 times (so far) - that’s 34 times a year on average!

Our Death of Bitcoin sock recognises the irony that Bitcoin has survived and continues to thrive, despite what anti-Bitcoin naysayers claim.

The question "Is Bitcoin dead?" is typically sparked by crashes to its price which lead some to see concern for its long-term potential.

Its most recent death and obituary was recorded on March 4 2020 after the next Bank of England governor, Andrew Bailey, publicly alleged that the digital currency has no “intrinsic value”.

These exaggerated rumours are often spread due to a lack of understanding of Bitcoin, its technical qualities and how it works.

Bitcoin is more than an investment (or store of wealth) - it’s different things to different people and can be used to pay for products/services, as a borderless currency for remittance needs and as the first decentralised platform that future applications can be built on.

Long live Bitcoin!

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